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Amsterdam Escort
What happened with the curves of Beyonce? That's what thousands of fans of the singer Roberto Cavalli wondered when hung a photograph of his costume sketch that has made for the singer to The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour on Facebook. The same photograph was sent to a press release by the Italian fashion brand, in this case, also accompanied by a real picture of it.

In the picture you can see a nice upscale dress made of silk of various colors, with many ornaments and cuts. So far so good. The problem is the -digital sketch, done to hand in the face of the singer who has a very elongated shape, with extremely thin legs. An image very different from the voluptuous body curvy Beyoncé.

This detail does not like at all fans of the actress who left reviews that criticized this detail. "She is lovely as it is, not as represented in this drawing" or "really do not understand why brands require women to follow a kind of ideal body that most people find unattractive" are examples of what could be read on the social network.

Although the singer has not spoken about it because we know that is not very fond of tinkering with Photoshop because it did not cut a hair in criticizing the retouching had been done in some photos of the campaign that has made signature 'low cost' H & M in which looks swimsuits and bikins